Qualifications of Participants

¡@¡@All of the participants are selected from the 12 th grader in high school to the junior in college who meet the following criteria:

  1. Be younger than 22 years old;
  2. Obtain outstanding achievement in the study of natural sciences including physics, chemistry, and life science, within the top 10 percent of his/her classes;
  3. Show a genuine interest in science and research;
  4. Be fluent in English;
  5. Have strong recommendation by his/her school principal or academic advisor, or internationally renowned scientists or institutes.

¡@¡@A total of 400 participants will be selected from the eligible applicants, of which 250 are chosen from Taiwan and 150 invited from the Asian countries.

¡@¡@The participation fee is free and the Organizing Committee will take charge of the participant's living and local travel expenses associated with the Asian Science Camp. We will also provide scholarship for international students to cover the airplane tickets to and from their countries.

¡@¡@All of the lecturers will be accommodated in Taipei Grand Hotel, a world-renowned and one of the best five-star hotels in Taipei. The students will be accommodated in the comfortable and spacious Chien-Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center, Taipei. (more details available in Useful Information)

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