Introduction to Asian Science Camp

¡@¡@In view of the current situation of education in Asia, particularly with respect to science education, which traditionally lacks flexibility in developing student's individuality, creativity, and originality, comparing to the school education of the west, it is really a very urgent task to reshape the education system in our area. A realistic first step is to provide those very bright students an opportunity to satisfy their desire for learning and inspire them to pursue excellence in science research. These talented students will not only be the assets of their own country, but of all humankind.

¡@¡@The idea of Asian Science Camp was co-proposed in September 2005 after the Lindau Science Meeting by Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee from Taiwan , the 1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, and Professor Masatoshi Koshiba from Japan , the 2002 Nobel Laureate in Physics. The proposal aims to enlighten those science - talented youths through discussion and dialogue with top scholars in the world and to promote the international friendship and cooperation among the best young students of the next generation in Asia . With "Lindau Science Meeting" as a model which has been held in Germany for more than half a century, the Asian Science Camp will invite a dozen of Nobel Laureates or world-distinguished scientists as speakers and devise an interesting program to attract all the participants, including plenary sessions, round table discussions, student-to-master dialogues, creativity poster competition, social party and excursion. The working language will be English. The proposal was soon discussed in the Board meeting of Chien-Shiung Wu Education Foundation and was approved unanimously by the Board.

¡@¡@The 2007 Asian Science Camp is organized by Wu Chien Shiung Education Foundation with assistance by Academia Sinica in Taiwan. This non-government Foundation was established in 1995 to commemorate the monumental contributions of Madame Dr. Wu to physics and her life long love in science education. It is devoted to promoting science education and cultivating science-talented youths. To achieve this goal, a science Camp in honor of Madame Dr. Wu has been organized annually in summer in Taiwan by the Foundation. This year will be the tenth anniversary of Chien-Shiung Wu Science Camp which will be merged with the 2007 Asian Science Camp.

¡@¡@The program of the Asian Science Camp is supported and funded by Ministry of Education, National Science Council, Academia Sinica, National Women's League of the R.O.C., Macronix International Co., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture Company Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Company (Taiwan), MediaTek Inc., Powerchip Semiconductor Corp., Li Ching Cultural and Education Foundation.

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